Collection: B.F's Displays and Accessories

Fett's Hideout Toys and Collectables is happily partnered with B.F's Displays and Accessories.

Us together will bring you the best quality acrylic/ soft plastics cases on the market.

With the most affordable best quality cases on the market to protect your action figure collection.

 Display. Protect. Save space.

100% uv and dust protection

The cases come with 100% uv protection and dust.

Superior durability

Patented design made from 3mm thick crystal clear acrylic and are hand made ensuring the highest quality product and assurances.

Save sapce with a slimline design

In a space saving initiative, the guard rail is on the edge of the case to ensure that there is no empty space.

Best price in the market

We pride ourselves on offering collectors the best products for the best price in the market!

 No warping

The guide rails run the full length of the case with no top rail, opposed to a 2 inch side and top rail. This feature keeps the card straight, so no bowing or warping.

 Better designed drawers

The sliding drawer base is made from the same 3mm thick acrylic which ensures the base does not easily fall out. 

Elegant appearance

They are made from 3mm thick crystal clear acrylic with rounded edges giving it an elegant appearance.