B.F's Display and Accessories


Fett's Hideout Toys and Collectables is Happy to partnered with B.F's Display and Accessories.

This partnership includes amazing quality acrylic cases at the lowest prices on the Australian Market.

We also will be offer Combo Deals on Cases and Figures 

To SAVE you money and protect your Collection at the same time.


Display. Protect. Save Space.

As a collector of action figures, B.F’s Displays and Accessories was started due to current cases in the marketplace falling short by being designed and manufactured putting profits before protection. So I went about designing and developing a case to not only properly protect figures, but also do so in a way that is affordable. And so it began.

The cases from B.F’s Displays and Accessories have a plethora of features that make these a superior product.


The guide rails run the full length of the case with no top rail, opposed to a 2 inch side and top rail. This feature keeps the card straight, so no bowing or warping.


The sliding drawer base is made from the same 3mm thick acrylic which ensures the base does not easily fall out.


They are made from 3mm thick crystal clear acrylic with rounded edges giving it an elegant appearance.

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